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We are so excited to announce that as of June 7th, 2021, construction has started on the T-ball/Soccer Complex portion of Windmill Park!  This new construction will turn the current Field 5 into four t-ball fields and dedicated space for soccer fields, with a plaza/pavilion area, renovated concession stand with restrooms, and a new parking area.  T-ball/5-6-year-old-coach pitch leagues and soccer are some of our largest groups, numbers-wise.  This will provide a dedicated space to those growing leagues!

​Do you want to honor someone special or memorialize a loved one?  Please see the form below to purchase a park amenity (bench, picnic table, swing, or 4'x8' memorial garden) at the upcoming T-ball/Soccer Complex.  Any purchase will have an inscribed plaque.  Please contact Assistant Director, Kim McEntire with any questions you may have.