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Banks County Parks and Recreation Department

Frequently Asked questions

How do I register my child for available activities?

You may come to the Rec. Center or register on this website for available activities.

What age group will my child be in?

Cutoff dates vary by sport and age group.  Please refer to the list below.  A child may be allowed to move up in an age group, but cannot be held back.  If your child has a birth date that falls before the cutoff date in question, he/she would play in the next age group up.  For example, if your 9 year old child is going to play football and he turns 10 before August 1st, he will play in the 10 year old division, even though he is 9 at the time you signed him up.  On the other hand, if your child is 8, wants to play softball and has a birth date after January 1st, she will remain in the 7-8 year old age group.

Football - August 1st

Cheerleading - August 1st

Soccer - August 1st

Basketball - November 1st (5-6 y/o), January 1st (7-12 y/o)

4 y/o T-ball - March 1st

5-6 y/o Coach Pitch - March 1st

7-12 y/o Baseball - May 1st

7-12 y/o Softball - January 1st

My child will not be able to make it to evaluations.  Can he/she still play?

It is important for your child to attend evaluations, but not required.  Your child will still be placed on a a team.

If the league is full, can my child somehow still get in the league?

Once registration ends, your child will be placed on a waiting list.  If slots become available, those slots are filled according to age group and sign up order on the waiting list.  Being on the waiting list does not guarantee being assigned to a team.

What equipment do you recommend for my child?

​Football - BCPRD provides each player with a helmet, shoulder pads, game pants with pads, a game jersey and a mouthpiece.  All equipment must be returned to the recreation department after the last game, with the exception of game jerseys and mouthpieces.  Parents may wish to provide cleats or other optional equipment for their child.

Cheerleading - BCPRD provides each cheerleader with a uniform top, skirt, cheer briefs, and poms.

Soccer - BCPRD provides each player with a game jersey, shorts, and socks.  Soccer balls will be available at all practices and games.  Parents are responsible for providing shin guards for their child.  Cleats are not required, but are useful.

Basketball - BCPRD provides each player with a jersey and shorts.  Basketballs will be available at practice and games.  Players must wear tennis shoes on gym floors.

Baseball/Softball - BCPRD provides each player with a jersey, baseball pants, cap, socks and a belt. Baseballs/softballs, batting helmets and one set of catching equipment are provided for each team.  Parents are responsible for providing a glove for their child.  Cleats are not required, but are useful.

T-ball - BCPRD provides each player with a jersey, baseball pants and cap.  T-balls, tees, bats and batting helmets are provided to each team.  Parents are responsible for providing a glove for their child.

I am interested in coaching.  How do I sign up?

New coaches are required to fill out a coaching application.  Coaches are also required to pass a criminal background check every year.  You may fill out a coaching application online by going to the coaching info. tab on this website.  You may also come by the Rec. Center to fill out a coaching application.  Applications may be emailed to banksrec@windstream.net or faxed to 706-677-3622.  Background check forms may be filled out on this website.  Please print and bring background check forms to the recreation center to sign.  Background check forms must be signed in the presence of a BCPRD staff member.  There is no charge to the coach for a background check.

When are schedules handed out?

Schedules cannot be made until after teams are established.  Generally, practice schedules will be handed out during the first week of practice.  Game schedules are usually available several weeks before games begin. Every effort is made to post schedules on this website as soon as they become available.

When are cancellations made and when are events rescheduled?

Every effort is made to make cancellation decisions before game time.  There will be times when the decision to cancel can only be made at game time for after a game begins, depending on the weather or other conditions. When the decision is made to cancel an event, BCPRD will post the cancellation on this website.  We also utilize rainedout.com to send texts concerning cancellations.  You may register to receive free BCPRD cancellation texts by texting "banksrec" (without quotation marks) to 84483.  Cancellations due to weather or other reasons will be made up if and when/where feasible.  This is dependent on availability of game officials, conflicts with other events and availability of facilities.

What facilities are available at BCPRD?

The recreation department has a variety of opportunities and facilities available for citizens to take advantage of, including:

BC Rec. Center - The Banks County Recreation Center houses the recreation department offices, 2 full sized basketball gyms and a multi-purpose room

Windmill Park - 4 lighted baseball/softball fields, 1 playground, concessions, paved nature trail

BCPRD Recreation Complex - 5 lighted baseball/softball fields, 1 lighted t-ball field and 1 football/soccer practice field with paved track

BC Tennis Courts - 4 regulation sized tennis courts

BC Nature Trail - 1/3 mile nature trail (paved) with exercise stations, large multi-purpose field, 2 pavillions with tables and several grills, large greenspace

Can BCPRD facilities be rented?

Most BCPRD facilities are available to be rented.  Contact the recreation department if you are interested in renting a facility.

When can I play basketball or walk/run at the Rec. Center?

The Rec. Center gyms are available for county citizens to use at any time during our regular business hours provided that there are no previously scheduled activities taking place.  Anyone using the Rec. Center must sign in at the front desk and present a valid form of identification; basketballs are available for use if needed.  It is always best to call ahead to check for gym availability.

What are the Rec. Center rules/policies?

1.  All participants must adhere to the BCPRD Zero Tolerance Policy.

2.  Shirts must be worn in the lobby and hallways at all times.

3.  Shorts/pants must be worn at the waist and must cover your underwear.

4.  No tobacco of any kind allowed.

5.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

6.  No drugs or alcohol allowed.

7.  No bouncing balls in the hallways or lobby.

8.  Artificial noise makers are not allowed.

9.  Absolutely NO harassment of officials, spectators, coaches, players or staff.

Why is the BC Horse Arena locked at certain times?
The arena closes the Wednesday before a show or when conditions are deemed unsafe.  Event dates are subject to change due to weather related issues or other unforeseen occurrences.